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Project Portfolio

By 2007 I have built a few dozen of websites, including a food trade portal, two timber industry portals, a metal trade portal, several general business directories, an online forestry magazine, an ice hockey tournaments database, several web shops and lots of corporate websites. Most of those old sites are now gone, or have changed unrecognisably.

For the last 10 years I have been working as the principal developer of Lichfield-based executive job site ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com . It was the greatest project I have undertaken so far. Some of the most significant work I have done for EOTW was:

  • Modernised the source code of the sites, optimized the databases, developed the optimal production and testing server infrastructure, implemented routine maintenance, backup and security procedures.
  • Re-organised their two job sites to run on the same source code and to utilise the same database, introduced extensive data caching to boost performance, created a web application firewall for better performance and security.
  • Improved their existing services and built new ones, such as - CV Builder, CV Search, CV Critique and CV Writing. Created the paid services supply infrastructure, including the web shop.
  • Created CRM tools, which have improved work efficiency of the sales staff. Helped to build accounting and payment chasing tools and procedures, allowing to reduce bad debt and the number of debtor days. Automated some administrative tasks, releasing the admin staff to focus on more important work. 
  • Built a marketing email system with email template and campaign management tools. Introduced a number of email authentication, tracking, bounced email processing, opt-out methods and procedures. Integrated several 3'd party email dispatch services to be used for marketing email.
  • Built SEO infrastructure consisting of SE-optimized landing pages and tools for their management and performance monitoring, achieved significant traffic improvement.
  • Improved and enhanced the reporting system, built a wealth of business reports allowing staff and the Management to quickly access information according to their roles and privileges.
Latest Projects
Information Systems Review - Netherstowe House
October 2017
Reviewed the information systems in place at the Netherstowe House hotel, including their website, restaurant and room booking services, payment methods and internal data management procedures. Conducted interviews with staff involved, took part in consultations on futher business improvement.
Sales Performance Tool for TotalJobs
August 2017
Made a sales team performance monitoring tool for Midlands-based sales teams of TotalJobs. Sales target and achievement figures are recorded monthly by each individual team member and their performance is evaluated by the team leader against the number of criteria. Performance reports are then generated for individual team members as well as for the whole team, showing the dynamics of team performance over the time period.
Andrius is an absolute pleasure to work with and his web / project development skills are second to none. The sales analysis website has saved us so much time and is now an essential management tool for measuring sales performance, skills and competences from my team.
Justin Finch, Regional Sales Manager - Totaljobs.com
Core Projects
Job Sites
I am experienced in development of internet job sites, as well as services and technologies that they are utilising.
Web Shops
I am building web shops, product ordering systems and custom web-based accountancy software.
I am building advanced e-mail tools utilising e-mail authentication, tracking and bounced e-mail processing procedures.
My websites include bespoke content management systems allowing content editing having no special knowledge.
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