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Code of Practice

I consider myself fair and reliable, with a strong sense of responsibility. I am consistent, methodical and something of a perfectionist. I do take the interests of my clients as my first priority and would like them to consider me as their unofficial employee acting in the best interests of their companies. As a professional web developer, I adhere to the following code of practice:

  • I do my best to provide the most suitable advice, trying to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions. I don't inflate project volumes or costs for my own benefit.
  • I do my best to produce well designed, high performing and reliable products with well structured and documented source code. I do my best to make sure products are bug free and easy to use.
  • I do my upmost to meet project deadlines and to supply the requested support within 5 business days, after all required materials and information have been provided by the Client.
  • I do not share with third parties any confidential information concerning the clients or their projects. I will not assist the clients in deflaming or otherwise damaging their competition.
  • I do not participate in any illegal or unethical behaviour such as - distribution of unlicensed software, utilization of malware, theft of data or intellectual property, intrusive email marketing practices, distribution of pornography, etc.

Feel free to contact me, should you have any questions or concerns.

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